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When Kindness Goes Further Than the Service Itself

Katlyn Andrews

Feb 12, 2023

My Paradigm Shift into the RV World

Addressing Client Concerns

Some of the best parts about working alongside a mobile RV technician are making my own schedule, meeting many new people, and helping those folks in the process. We have met many clients that have varying abilities to address issues that may arise on their rig. Some individuals know what they need to do and just don’t have the time, and there are others who can truly benefit from our services. 

We had a client who requested an appointment to look at their water heater, closet, air conditioner and their (insert sarcasm here) fabulous Multiplex Control System. As helpful as these systems can be because all of the commands are in one spot, they will ultimately malfunction at some point as most electronics seem to do. We spent a quick hour running diagnostics on the air conditioner and grabbing as much other information as possible so we could do some research at home for other issues that they wanted addressed. On the way out, we set an appointment for a few days later to fix the other things on their list and welcomed the “thank yous” for getting the air conditioner up and running again. 

When we arrived for the next appointment we only planned on making a few cosmetic changes to make things more accessible for our client. When we arrived, we were greeted with many more questions. This is why I am very thankful for being able to make our own schedule. If we were stacked up with clients back to back we would not have been able to address all of her concerns.

Lessons Learned

After answering her questions and taking a look at the quick fixes, we got to work on the closet. The closet needed just a few cosmetic adjustments and this is where I learned the importance of double checking before you make changes, especially in a camper. We were putting up a support beam for a shelf when a wire revealed itself where it should not have been, likely from maufacturing. Thankfully we saw it before we started, but had we not it could have caused a grounding issue or even been a water supply line that we poked a hole in. Let this be a lesson in checking what is behind your walls before you start drilling! 

Once that was completed we did a quick look around at other things she had questions about and lastly checked the dates and PSI on the tires. Had I not done a quick look at her tires, the outcome could have been detrimental. The interior of one of her tires had a greasy substance dripping down the sidewall and pooling in the rim. After having Scott take a look it was decided that she blew a break line. If she would have left the park like she was hoping to do, she likely would have lost all braking power on the class A that she calls home. 

After letting her know, we had a quick moment of education and she was extremely grateful for the help and knowledge we provided. It is situations like these where it becomes obvious that doing a little help goes a long way.

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