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Replace most all OEM carbon monoxide and/or LP leak detectors. These units can be mounted alone or utilizing one of two different mounting plates (round or elongated) to cover unsightly OEM mounting practices.




The RV Safe alarm is unsurpassed in its use of the latest technology to quickly and accurately alert occupants of the presence of deadly Carbon Monoxide and Propane Gas.


  • Alerts users to hazardous levels of carbon monoxide and propane gas.
  • Meets or exceeds all UL2034 requirements for carbon monoxide alarms in recreational vehicles.
  • Meets or exceeds all UL484 requirements for propane gas alarms in recreational vehicles.
  • Uses the latest in advanced electrochemical CO sensors to detect carbon monoxide.
  • Fewer false alarms from non-threatening chemicals and gases due to our highly selective carbon monoxide sensor.
  • Alarm activates with a four beep pattern with a flashing red LED for CO gas, or a continuous beeping with a solid red LED for Propane gas. If both gases are present, the alarm will indicate propane as it requires more immediate action.
  • Increased RV battery life when compared to competitors’ alarms due to our low power propane gas detection ability.
  • Test / Silence button allows for easy testing of the alarm and quickly silence nuisance alarms.
  • Sleek and modern low profile design.

CO/LP Detector - White

Excluding Sales Tax
Length 4.21″ (10.7cm)
Height 0.57″ (1.4cm)
Hole Spacing 3.625″ (9.2cm)
Weight 1.3 oz (37g)
Operating Temperature -40°F to 150°F
Sound Pressure 85 db
Voltage Requirements 9vdc – 15vdc
Current Draw 46mA at 13.5vdc
CO Sensitivity 60-120 minutes at 70ppm
10-30 minutes at 150ppm
4-15 minutes at 400ppm
LP Sensitivity 5250 ppm (<25% LEL)
Listings ETL, cETL,CSA 6.19
Listing Standards UL 2034 (CO)
UL 1484 (Propane)
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