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Meet the Founders of Suite Wheels

Scott and Kellie Andrews created this family business with the idea of bringing people together in the great outdoors. In 2018 their family purchased their first 5th wheel and it quickly became their home away from home. The Andrews were able to enjoy taking family trips around Minnesota and Wisconsin and wanted others to experience this great adventure as well.

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Scott Andrews 

CEO - Certified Technician & Certified Inspector

Scott is a seasoned professional with a diverse background. He attended the National RV Training Academy (NRVTA), where he successfully completed his NRVIA Certified Inspector and RVTTA Certified Technician certifications. With over 20 years of experience in the A/C and refrigeration industry, Scott is well-versed in the intricacies of these systems. He has also obtained an OSHA 511 certificate, demonstrating his commitment to safety standards, with seven years of practical applications in this field.

Additionally, Scott has six years of experience in logistics management and data analysis. This background equips him with valuable skills in organization, planning, and problem-solving, which are essential for ensuring efficient operations and delivering top-notch service to clients. Beyond his professional pursuits, Scott finds solace in traveling with his family, capturing moments through photography, and immersing himself in the wonders of the outdoors. With a passion for adventure and a commitment to quality service, Scott is dedicated to facilitating memorable experiences for every client who crosses paths with Suite Wheels RV.

Kellie Andrews

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Kellie is the backbone of the business, wearing multiple hats as a wife, mother,
manager, and accountant. With nearly three decades of experience in accounting, HR management, and building management for a private security company, she brings invaluable expertise to Suite Wheels RV. Kellie's decision to join Scott in founding the family business demonstrates her commitment and dedication. Outside of work, she cherishes spending time with her family, indulging in her love for reading books, and enjoying RVing adventures. Her multifaceted role and passion for both family and business contribute significantly to the success and harmony of Suite Wheels RV.

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Katlyn Andrews

Operations Manager & Certified Technician

Katlyn is a valuable member of our Suite Wheels RV team. With a background in
special needs childcare, Katlyn brings a unique blend of patience and attention to detail, ensuring the safety and comfort of families as they embark on RV adventures. Seeking a change of pace, Katlyn transitioned to our team to gain hands-on experience in both office management and field operations
before pursuing further education at the NRVTA. Beyond her professional pursuits, Katlyn finds joy in playing with her dog, cherishing moments with family, and immersing herself in the beauty of the outdoors. With her compassionate nature and eagerness to learn, Katlyn is an essential part of our commitment to providing exceptional service and memorable experiences for our clients.

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Chanda Ounkong

Marketing Communication Manager 

Chanda is a creative addition to our team at Suite Wheels RV. With a diverse
background spanning professional communication, logistics, marketing, and photography, Chanda brings a unique blend of skills and perspectives to the table. As a creative marketer, Chanda brings innovative ideas to the forefront, helping to elevate our brand and connect with our audience in meaningful ways.
Beyond her professional endeavors, Chanda finds fulfillment in caring for her cat Loki and cherishing quality time with her family.

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Megan Andrews 

Office Staff

Megan operates behind the scenes, leveraging her expertise to ensure smooth operations and stepping in wherever needed, as she owns her own business and works full-time as a hairstylist. When Megan is not busy at work, you'll often find her outdoors, soaking up the beauty of nature. But above all, her favorite pastime is spending quality time with her family and her beloved dog Rosie. 

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