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Hi, I'm Katlyn Andrews and I've Officially Joined the Team!

Katlyn Andrews

Jan 12, 2023

My Paradigm Shift into the RV World

About Me

For as long as I can remember I have loved working with kids and watching their personalities blossom. I attended college and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Family Consumer Sciences with the plan of becoming a Child Life Specialist. Throughout high school and college I held positions as a Nanny, Birthday Party Host, Paraprofessional, Afterschool Care Supervisor, and a Behavioral Technician. While some of these jobs were the most rewarding that I have had, the burnout was real and it was time for a change.


My Introduction to the RV Community

Towards the end of 2022 I started contemplating my options as my Dad (Scott) had recently founded Suite Wheels and needed some help in the office. Working in the office for a little while gave me a feel as to what this job is actually about and how much goes on in the background. A client reached out regarding some warranty work that she wanted done. This job included an awning, a complete roof-reseal, replacing vents, and replacing slide-out seals… and let me tell you it needed it! Being that it was a lot of work Scott asked me to tag along. Not only was I able to help but I learned a lot, and I realized this could be a good change of pace for me. After that I continued working in the office and tagging along on other jobs to get a better feel for what being an RV Tech is like. Then I got to assist with my first inspection, which I quickly found is right in my wheelhouse. I got to be very detail-oriented with everything and knowing that it was all in the best interest of the client made it even more enjoyable.


In December of 2022 I quit my job as a Behavioral Technician and set out to work for Suite Wheels full time! It was a big change, but it is a good learning experience and just what I need. Winter in Minnesota slowed business down quite a bit, so we planned to head to Florida for a few months to help out some colleagues. After a few small road bumps, and some big ones, we finally headed down to see what the Sunshine State has in store for us. While we are in Florida I will be learning on the job and conducting business as usual in the office.


So far Florida has been wonderful. The weather is gorgeous, people are friendly, and there are plenty of dogs! We unfortunately had to leave our fur-babies at home, so I am definitely accepting all of the visits from the four-legged friends down here. After Florida the plan is to head to the Big Red School House (NRVTA) in Texas to officially learn the ropes on being an RV Technician.


Tag along with me as I take a big leap of faith into this new adventure!

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