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The Trek to Florida

Katlyn Andrews

Jan 23, 2023

My Paradigm Shift into the RV World

Getting Prepared

Getting ready to essentially move a business across the country takes a lot of planning. Months before our departure date we were planning the route, where we were staying along the way, getting the camper prepped, what to pack, and how to bring all the tools and parts with us. What seems like some of the most boring events ended up being the most important. With this came so many lists, various purchases, and A LOT of organization.

The preparation was all going well because I am a planner. I like to have a schedule and a plan in place for most things. This adventure was a learning experience on going with the flow. What seemed like one big barrier after another, and another, taught me that it is not the end of the world when plans change. Afterall, it’s just a delay and may have happened for a reason.

Hitting the Road

On January 4th we finally began the drive down south. This was of course after another delay because of a huge snow/ice storm that hit a good chunk of the midwest. Alas, half way through the storm we hooked up the fifth wheel, gathered last minute items, and waved goodbye to our family for the next few months. The first five hours of the drive were the most stressful. After getting in an accident in a snowstorm this isn’t necessarily the situation one wants to be in. The snow was coming down decently, some roads were plowed and others weren’t, and to top it all off we’re towing a 38-foot camper with a brand new (to us) truck. 

After almost 10 hours we finally landed in Missouri at the cutest little campground just to rest our heads for the night. Right away in the morning we began the route towards Jackson, Mississippi. Our biggest concern during this leg of the trip was making it through the mountains. Thankfully I tried to plan a route with the least dramatic elevation changes, but with the big freeze that just happened across the U.S. we were unsure of what was to come. With a bit shorter of a drive, we arrived at a good time to make dinner and gain an understanding that the park was a little less than pleasant… regardless, it was a place to sleep. Before the sun rose we were on the road again. It was the final and very long stretch to Lakeland, Florida! We made lunches ahead of time and planned only to stop for gas. In trying to make the most of our drive time I did a bit of office work from the passenger seat. Around nearly 10 PM we reached our final destination, backed in, and hit the hay.

Getting Settled

As to not disturb others in the park, we opted to readjust the 5th wheel and got everything hooked up in the morning. Right away we were greeted by our very kind neighbor and slowly started growing into the little community around us. Also, I learned that setting up a camper isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be. More to come on how I learned to set-up once you get settled!

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