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What is an RV Inspection?

Scott Andrews

Jan 26, 2023

Understanding the Differences: Part II

Welcome back!


So, you asked, "WHY? Why should I get an inspection?" Well, the answer for this is have you ever looked at a used car and thought, “I think I may want a mechanic to look this over” or when buying a house and said, “Before we sign on the dotted line, we will need to have an inspection performed”? Well, it is quite simply the EXACT same thing. Let’s face it, the RVs are not cheap...even older used ones! They are getting more and more complex with updated technologies and floorplans that make this much more of a Suite on Wheels (see what I did there) than your grandaddy's camper.




When the owner or dealer says, “it’s like new” or “we already inspected everything why waste your money”, who is on your side looking out for your best interest? We, as inspectors, have no loyalty to any dealers or sellers and therefore we can remain completely impartial stating only facts. Yes, you may have been enjoying RVs for years or even decades, however, a NRVIA trained and Certified Inspector is trained to find and understand the inner workings of an RV and each of its component’s functions. We are held to specific standards and code of ethics unlike many other outside inspection companies.


Those big box companies generally charge less which makes them very appealing at first, but they don't cover nearly the points of inspection, not trained properly and frankly don't care about you as a client. Think big box store vs. hardware store. It is a glorified PDI. Our NRVIA inspections are not just a “flip a switch” to check if it works type of inspection. Trust me when I say our inspections are much more detailed than that, or you can review an interactive report for yourself here.


Some companies (NRVIA Certified Inspectors) can/will offer several levels of inspection depending on the criteria they choose to provide and that is something you as a client need to be aware of when asking the question while shopping for the right inspector to suit your needs.  At Suite Wheels RV, we have chosen to only offer a premier level inspection.

We believe, in all the inspections we have performed, that giving the client the most advanced and in-depth inspection criteria will cut down on the “what about this” or “why wasn’t this inspected” questions after the report is completed.

This also gives the clients the most ‘bang for the buck’ when wanting to understand their potential investment and it manages the pricing standards much more efficient and fairer for both the client and the inspector. In addition, some inspectors/businesses have added on specialty services for their clients that they may or may not charge for like, post inspection walk-throughs; inspection report reviews (after inspection follow up); inspection overviews (allowing clients to walk with during the inspection); and multiple other items. The key is discussing or learning about your inspector and what they offer.




“What if I am purchasing an older RV that I know going into it that it is going to have issues… why would I pay for a 3rd party inspection”? It all boils down to how much do you want to know. When I spoke earlier regarding different levels of inspections, some inspectors will offer lower levels of inspections (essential or essential plus) that will cover the meat and potatoes of an RV without being overly heavy on in-depth component(s) assessments. The other way to look at older RV’s is shopping around for Technician that will do a technical review rather than a inspection. Now, please understand, this is nowhere near what a certified inspection will provide and is more along the lines of a dealers PDI. It is not always the best option, but for those that have a more fiscally conscious mind and budget, it may be an option for those older RV’s.


All in all, the clients hold all the cards when it comes to purchasing the RV and you as the buyer need to remember that. Some sellers are willing to split the cost of the inspection and other don’t want to allow you to have inspection done… we can pretty much guess why that is, RIGHT?! You may come across a sweetheart of a deal and need to move on it ASAP and that’s understandable, so do your homework on your inspector ahead of time and be prepared just as if you were purchasing a bricks n’ sticks home.


We hope this has helped clear up some of the misconceptions and given a bit of clarity and insight to the industry for your potential purchase(s). If you are in the market and would like to schedule an inspection with Suite Wheels RV, please click on this link and book your inspection today!

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